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101 Women In AI Marketing

We are proud to present our list of 101 women with remarkable achievements in AI.


This compilation results from several months of meticulous curation, research, and analysis of nearly 500 profiles of women excelling at the intersection of AI and Marketing. 


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for those interested in AI Marketing, showcasing women with exceptional skills and accomplishments. This list is not a ranking but a valuable tool for understanding this emerging discipline.


The list was created through a mix of manual human effort and the use of influencer marketing technologies starting with a group of marketing professionals who recognized the transformative impact of AI tools like ChatGPT. They aimed to learn and adapt by following and drawing inspiration from their peers, leading to the creation of this community and content.


We hope you find it useful.



Why only women?

We created a list exclusively of women in AI Marketing to highlight the field's transformation from a less male-dominated perspective and address the imbalance where men often hold predominant positions. Many remarkable women do incredible work in AI but are frequently overlooked. This list aims to spotlight their contributions and counter biases in large language models (LLMs) trained predominantly on data from older white males. We used ChatGPT to test and validate our research and created a freely accessible GPT linked to these 101 women in AI Marketing.


Why women in AI Marketing?

AI Marketing is a burgeoning field that's here to stay, with marketing soon becoming synonymous with AI. Despite facing greater challenges than women in Deep Tech, exceptional women in AI Marketing are reinventing their profession daily. They take risks, propose innovations, and integrate AI to adapt offerings and enhance productivity, often at personal and professional costs. These resilient "centurions" are redefining marketing's boundaries and fostering a new era. This list celebrates their contributions and achievements.


Why 101?


The number 101 symbolizes the need to relearn marketing basics in light of the transformative impact of Generative AI, emphasizing humility as the field undergoes dramatic changes.




Our Selection Criteria


Predominant Criterion


An impactful action by a woman at the intersection of marketing and AI that has led to the development of an authoritative audience or community, aiming to spark high-value conversations.


Other Criteria Considered

- Woman: Only profiles of women were analyzed.

- Action: In the last 18 months, the woman must have undertaken at least one concrete, value-adding action integrating AI in any marketing field. Examples include content curation on AI + Marketing, creation of a product or service, or initiating content such as newsletters, forums, events, or social media series.

- Domain: The content must intersect both AI and Marketing.

- Platform: All social networks and blogs were considered using appropriate technologies.

- Language & Country: Priority was given to English and French, with a borderless geographic approach.


Criteria Not Considered

- Audience Volume: Women with audiences ranging from 2,000 to millions were included, emphasizing that small is the new big.

- Social Media Presence: Women active on at least one platform were included, regardless of their presence on multiple platforms.

- Content Domain: Only profiles addressing the intersection of AI and Marketing were included. Profiles focusing solely on AI or marketing without integrating AI were excluded.


Technologies We Used

- Sparktoro: To analyze audiences around AI Marketing.

- Traackr and Favikon: To identify women active in the field.

- ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini Advanced: For analysis and validation.


Finding and insights


By analyzing nearly 500 profiles, we identified arechetypes and observed marketing tranformations.


1. Identified Archetypes


Groupings of influential individuals based on key characteristics such as profession, conversation angle, influencer role, content type, engagement style, and relevant KPIs.


By analyzing influential women in AI Marketing, we identified seven archetypes based on the nature of their work and their influence, measured from 2,000 followers on one or more networks.


To check out our seven identified archetypes, read this blog post



2. Observed Marketing Transformation


AI Marketing is now a business reality, causing structural changes in traditional marketing the emergence of new job titles, and creating a new field: AI Marketing. 


Since November 2022, the boundaries of this field, including job roles and terminology, have been rapidly evolving. Traditional marketing, which includes advertising, analytics, communication & public relations, content marketing, customer service & experience, e-commerce, email marketing, sales, SEO, and social media marketing & influence, is undergoing significant changes in both the nature and names of its jobs due to AI's impact.

Based on established frameworks like the marketing funnel and the PESO model, we reorganized marketing roles, jobs, and required skills into seven categories. We dug deeper into each of those here. 

Liza Adams

50 CMOs to Watch in 2024 | AI Advisor | Public Speaker | Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, IaaS, Cloud

AI Advisor & Fractional CMO

Liz Bacelar

Global CX Innovation, Marketing, AI & Web3 Leader @ Estée Lauder Companies | Avid mountaineer, 46er

Executive Director Global Tech Innovation

Crystal Carter

Head of SEO Communications at Wix | Conference speaker | Co-host of SERP's Up SEO Podcast

Head of SEO Communications

Kate Bradley Chernis

CEO at, generative AI expert, music nerd, eye cream devotee. Can walk through walls and leap buildings in a single bound.

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniela Amodei

President at Anthropic

President & Co-founder

Erika Bahr

Founder Daxe | Harvard Business Analytics | Data Science | AI/ML | Female Empowerment | Darden School of Business MSBA

Founder & CEO

Sandy Carter

Chief Operating Officer l ex-AWS l ex-IBM | Board of Directors | AI Expert l Blockchain Expert l Cloud Expert

Chief Operating Officer

Karen X Cheng

Sharing my creative experiments

Founder & Creative Director

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Global Product Marketing & Comms at Watershed, a sustainability platform | Formerly HubSpot, Jasper, United Way

Head of Product Marketing & Communications

Laura Bokobza

Sparring Partner - Business Advisor - Helping CEOs scale their businesses by thinking strategically and being their sounding board - Board member - Speaker


Alex Cattoni

Founder of The Copy Posse | 🔥300K on YouTube | 💜 Join our Empathy Empire


Audrey Chia

Scale Smarter with AI-Supercharged Copy | 💛Copywriting + AI + Personal Branding


What AI and Marketing Leaders say

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rand fishkin.jpeg

Rand Fishkin, Founder Sparktoro

I deeply appreciate the work that goes into giving women greater visibility in our field, and I hope this resource can help create more opportunities for organizations of all kinds to improve the gender balance on their stages and in their ranks.
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